10 November 2009

i'm alive

but i spend more time here -> Lilla livet, stort

24 July 2009





13 April 2009

for Nora


30 March 2009

22 March 2009

My new friend

A few days ago someone landed outside my house ...

ufo virkat av Therese

What? Who?

ufo virkat av Therese

!olleh olleh
he said.
He talks backwards.

ufo virkat av Therese

He came from here. Made by Therese.

Flodis' cards :-)

My friend Helena makes really beautiful cards:

She's got a blog, Flodissans Skaperi.

13 March 2009


Trial and error ... I made many small mistakes and two huge ones :D But if I want to learn, I have to begin somewhere. This one is for Nora. I think the fabric is a bit too thick for this ... but I've already begun sewing another one from the same pattern (Ottobre 1/09) and so far I've made ZERO mistakes! But I'm only halfways ;-)




De här muddbyxorna är en modifierad version av byxorna i Ottobre 1/09. Smart med långa muddar som kan vikas ner för att förlänga byxornas användningstid, tycker jag.

They will be a gift for a boy who was born last month, but he is still too small for them.




The white ones I made out of fabric scraps just to see if I understood how to sew them. The red ones with the elephants are my first "real" ones :-)

22 February 2009

Sweets for my sweet (November)

november 042


in a box (Christmas gift):

30nov 003


julaftonoinnan 003

It was a t-shirt. It is no more. ;-)


julaftonoinnan 037

Here are a few simple necklaces I made in December.

julaftonoinnan 007

julaftonoinnan 005

julaftonoinnan 004

+ earrings
julaftonoinnan 002

21 February 2009

I'm back

janoland 039

Time is flying, Nora is growing, and, as a matter of fact, I AM crafting. But then I have become lazy with uploading photos and blogging about what I'm doing. I'll try to start all over again :-) Here, and now. Or soon.

Thank you so very much for all your nice comments and email, they mean a lot to me. Thank you!

I'll be back soon. (I hope.)