28 September 2005

And while I'm studying and not crafting you can have a look at Thea, 4 months to be (2 Oct). (Thea's my sister's daughter, for those of you who perhaps are "new" to my blog.) Posted by Picasa

23 September 2005

Fillan sent me the little mouse and a story she had written about how the mouse is looking for a friend. In the end the mouse gets a friend, a soft and kind rabbit. So, I couldn't resist making the rabbit for Fillan ... (It's cold, the story tells, that's why they have scarves.) Posted by Picasa

19 September 2005

Before. (Before felting) Posted by Picasa

After. (sorry not so good photo) Posted by Picasa

18 September 2005

A dog picture? Why? Isn't Maria crafting this weekend?
Well, yes, I am. I've made something for Fillan, and I'm making something for Hope. But I cannot show it yet ... All I can say is that both things are soft ... And so is Zam who took a nap with Magnus yesterday when I was trying to understand our new printer. The old printer-scanner-etc committed suicide yesterday, but then he was indeed rather old and had stopped scanning in a good way over a year ago. So, yesterday we bought a new one :-) Posted by Picasa

15 September 2005

i love green

In the evening, after going to bed, Magnus use to read out loud to me (H.P. Lovecraft's stories) while I knit. This is what I completed the other day (or should I say night?). The beads along the edge are almost not visible ... But it doesn't matter :-) Posted by Picasa

This is the cover of my board book "the handbag of Alice", a round robin in ABEurope on the theme "Secrets in my handbag". Posted by Picasa

And this is the first spread of what's in Alice's handbag. The little "friends book" up to the right is for people to sign in, and in the envelope is a little note about what kind of things Alice like to keep, and not to keep, in her handbag. She's not the lipstick&cellphone kind of girl, you know ;-) There are also small notes, a coin, a piece of a map - things she likes. Posted by Picasa

14 September 2005

Four cards (with matching envelopes) I made today. I sew fabric, fiber and a stamp on the cards. The fourth card, with the tree, is felted wool that I made two weeks ago. The paper of all the cards has a very nice structure :-) Posted by Picasa

13 September 2005

Snail mail

Today I got two packages from Cindy (snail mail swap). She's really so kind and generous and I love all the things she sent me! I've got several *small* ideas of what to sew, but haven't really made up my mind yet. But isn't it a nice feeling to touch the fabric and ribbons and think "I'll create something out of this, I don't know what - yet - but ideas will surely come"? Posted by Picasa

12 September 2005

Wild cats deco

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
in the shadows of the night
what immortal hand or eye
made thy fearful symmetry

Wild cats deco for a deco group. It's the first time I participate in one of their round robins and I'm a little bit afraid they're all scrappers making neat decos, while my deco is more rough and altered book inspired ... wiiee ;-) Posted by Picasa

11 September 2005

This is what I'm going to read before I'm going to sleep tonight :-) Posted by Picasa

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08 September 2005

The theme for Fillan's and my second craft swap was losely "fairy tales". She wrote a poem-shortstory about a mouse who's looking for a friend and finds not only a friend, but also a scarf :-) And here's the little mouse. He's really really cute. Posted by Picasa

In ABEurope we have a RR which is about a journey, and mailart. This is Elizabeth's box. Up to the left you see the box, an empty video case, which soon was filled with letters and small things (so most of them have to stay outside ...). The story is about the jumbly Alz who's travelling around the world, sending letters to her boyfriend, keeping a kind of diary and collecting stars. She writes him about what happens on her journey and she collect pictures and short stories about what she's seen and done in her diary.  Posted by Picasa

07 September 2005

Craft challenge update

Today the first package from the craft challenge arrived!! Oh, so exciting! But I wont tell what's in it - you'll all see once I've recieved from everyone. Also, I've now (today) sent out all packages with material for all sign-ups I've had so far. I'd appreciate if you could send me an email or write a comment here to tell me when you've recieved it (as some of you already have done - thanks!) :-) Posted by Picasa

05 September 2005

snail mail swap

Today I recieved the July snailmail swap package from talented Cindy of cedarseven *happy happy* :D But now I'm off to taste the chocolate ;p

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04 September 2005

dog meets ghost Posted by Picasa

red dog  Posted by Picasa

dog hiding under the sheets and does not want to leave this place ... Posted by Picasa

does NOT want to leave his place Posted by Picasa