27 August 2005

And here are two necklaces. And a another bad photos *sob booo* Posted by Picasa

Today everything that could go wrong went wrong, I think ... so I decided that I would craft all afternoon to feel a bit better ;-) The necklace is purple and white. The bracelet is for my aunt and it turned out really well, blue and black with a silver cat. However my camera is so #&%�! bad that it's hard to see. Well, I guess I should be happy to have a digital camera at all :-) Posted by Picasa

Tree swap

Fillan and I have our own little craft swap every now and then :-) Every second time I come up with a theme, every second time she does. This time the theme was "trees" and this is what we made. I've already come up with a theme for the next swap, but I will not tell until I've told Fillan ;-)
This is what I made for her:

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And this is what she made for me :-)

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Yesterday was the birthday of my boyfriend's mom. As some of you know I love baking (and esp. making up different kind of cakes) :-) so I made her this raspberry-chocolate cake. The bottom part is with a bit of chocolate, the middle part is raspberries and the top is a chocolate mousse with a little bit of chili and ginger. Posted by Picasa

25 August 2005

this is effie

maria: effie, say hello to the world!
effie: but i cannot see, i have no eyes!
maria: oops!

nevermind ...
I haven't been crafting that much lately, being busy with school stuff and all .... But here's Effie. I'm really not good at crocheting, but I try and try and perhaps one day I'll be :-)
The tomatoes are from my balcony and taste DELICIOUS! ;-) Posted by Picasa

13 August 2005


So, busy with my studies and forbidden to create stuff I always tend to come up with interesting ideas I want to try out ... (How is it possible not to think of creating?!)

Well, here's the deal:
You send me an email, or write a comment here with your contact info, to sign up for this. Do it some time before 30 September, but the sooner you sign up the sooner you'll get the material. I will send you some craft material - it can be anything from fabric, fibers and ribbons to polymer clay, beads, stamps and paper - or a mix of a little of everything. (Do tell me if there is some kind of material you really don't like and I'll not send it.) The challenge is to come up with something out of this material, but you can mix it with/use also your own crafting stuff and materials if you want to.
Send what you made back to me. Of course I will create a gallery with photos of what everyone made. Last sending day will be 1 November. If there is material you don't use you'll keep it by yourself, of course. Included with the material (or perhaps once the project is over?) I'll send you a little gift, however just a small thing.

Both beginners and experienced crafters are welcome to participate!

Questions? Just ask! :-)

So, sounds interesting? Comment here or email me at astrud242004 [at] yahoo.se

Let's have fun!! :D

11 August 2005

More swaps

Fillan told me about some more swaps: a postcard swap, a snack swap and a craft swap at Swapmeet.

09 August 2005

Home sweet home

Yesterday evening we came home from being in Skåne on vacation, that's why there's nothing new here to see :-)

For those of you who like sending and recieving letters and postcards, have a look at Postcrossing.
Here's an interesting diary swap, in Swedish though.