26 July 2006

journal by anne


This book is decorated by Annelito. I love her cute and ispirational illustrations and they turn up on every other page in the journal:



She's also made those bookmarks:


Go check out her website.

25 July 2006


I ran out of hand made cards and I cannot find those I've bought so one evening I sat down and made some new cards. They're nothing special, very easy design, but I like them because it's really good quality paper with nice structure and patterns, it doesn't matter that the design is simple. And it's always good to have some cards because you never know when you need one and you can be sure that when you need one you will not have time to make one ;-)


Sorry the photo's a bit dark.

23 July 2006

Another way to felt beads

Normally when felting beads I do it with water, some kind of soap and my hands. However, my skin doesn't really like wet wool and after just a few it hurts so much I'm ready to cut my arms off ... almost. I don't have a needle for needle felting (but be sure I'll have one before the end of the year, I'm very curious to try it) so I tried a new technique to felt beads.

felt beads

felt beads 1

#2 Then I made small balls:
felt beads 2

#3 And put them like this:
felt beads 3

#4 Time for washing:
felt beads 4

#5 This is how they came out. Some are really pretty and some ... are ... hrm ... not so good. But it's my first try and I'm happy about it, with some experience I might know how to make all of them round ;-)
felt beads 5

#6 Final part, time for decorating!
felt beads 6

(And they can be used for so many things, not only jewelry. I can see them in altered books, bookmarks ... even as Christmas decorations!)

Have you seen Én Gry & Sif and all their wonderful felted accessories?

dog ;-)

dog ;-), originally uploaded by maria nenita.

i didn't know what to do saturday evening so i just played around a bit ... and it ended up being a red dog ;-)

22 July 2006

felting etc

felting etc
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just trying some new things :-)

baby hat # 2

baby hat # 2
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Here's another little crocheted supersoft baby hat. It's for my unborn niece/nephew. Crocheting hats is indeed a perfect thing to do on the train :-)

20 July 2006

~dear diary~

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I was the coordinator of a Swedish journal swap ("dear diary") and here's a creative (and soft! :-) ) journal that Anna decorated. For those of you who participated in the swap: I'd love to if you could send me a picture of what you sent or recieved (or a link to your blog, if any) so that I can show some more beautiful journals.

*work in progress*

work in progress, originally uploaded by maria nenita.

... and a cup of tea

14 July 2006

detail of journal

6juni 006
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6juni 005
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6juni 001
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09 July 2006

Updating my shop

I have a lot of almost-finished-things for my shop and this weekend I decided to finish some of them. It's already Sunday evening and I didn't even have time for half of what I've planned, I'm too optimistic about time ;-) I have updated the shop with new things, however I still haven't had the time to finish the shop itself. It's still a mix of English and Swedish. *sigh*

A bracelet with beads I felted some days ago:

Body cream:
body cream

More earrings (similar to those I made a week ago):

baby hat

baby hat
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While travelling to work and back home I've been knitting and crocheting lately. Here's a baby hat I made.

inside the baby hat ...

soooo soft inside
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... so soft!

08 July 2006


I found those birds a little while ago and before using them I decided to scan them so that they can be used more than once ;) And now when I've scanned them, why don't share? (Click on the picture and it'll open in a new window from where you can right-click and download.)

~melting brain ...

I complained about the extremely long and cold winter, I know I know ... but still, now when summer is here it's too hot and ... and I complain a bit again ;) It wouldn't be that bad if it would be a nice temperature inside, but unfortunately our flat is even more hot than being in the shadow outside. I sit in the shadow on the balcony, create - paint, collage, knit - but the weather gives me headache. I'd like to have a little house by the sea with fresh air blowing in. And to be honest, it's not the heat itself that's so bad, it's the construction of our house that makes our flat so terrible to be in at the moment.

Enough complaining for a while *lol*. When travelling to work and home I use to either sleep (mostly in the morning), read or sometimes write. But lately I've been knitting and crocheting. I'll soon show you what I've made. Okay, it's hats. I have to learn to make something else than hats ;)

05 July 2006


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From left to right:
1. Jam I was cooking saturday evening
2. Midsummer, Öland
3. Zam by the sea
4. In my aunt's garden

*in swedish about a swap*

midsommar 038
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Hej alla som är med i Dear diary-swappen. Hoppas det går bra för er :-) Kom ihåg att sista dag att skicka är 20 juli. Det skulle också vara kul att efteråt få höra vad ni tyckte om swappen.

04 July 2006


My friend Sharky and I have birthdays in the beginning of May, but not until now did we exchange gifts. This is what I got from her:


I was so inspired I had to try a few things ... Like this necklace:

the same necklacenecklace

And those ear rings: