29 May 2005

Today I've pretended it's summer outside (although it's just so cold and boring weather) and made this out of an old pair of jeans and an ugly t-shirt that was too wide. If I made any mistakes? Well, many. Many. But I enjoyed making them and one day ... one day there'll be no mistakes ;) Posted by Hello

21 May 2005

And my second spread in the same little book. Posted by Hello

My first spread in Laurina's mini book. There are pink flowers on the trees, although most of them are not that visible because of my super super camera (no, my bad camera I mean). The theme of her book was something like "Wonders of nature" Posted by Hello

18 May 2005

And have a look inside the book! Although I don't understand what's written I love this book because of all the nice illustrations that give me so much inspiration. Posted by Hello

Monday was a wonderful post-day! :-) I recieved this lovely birthday gift from Naho in Japan (thanks!): stationary, cards and a book. Posted by Hello

New plans for my shop

So, after this last exam (next week) I'll begin working with making my shop butik Blåbär international. (I'll translate it and I'll make it possible to pay with Paypal.) Also, I have a lot of crafting ideas I'll try out and add to the shop.

And, hooray!!, I managed to subscribe to the Sampler for the first time! I had been watching it all day and when it was open I was a bit nervous I didn't make it, it was over within a few minutes ... and I DID MANAGE! :D I'm thinking of making a contribution for next time (August). Well, we'll see.

15 May 2005

A card made of a telephone catalogue, an asian magasine and old wrapping paper. And a bracelet. Posted by Hello

14 May 2005

Yesterday, when watching another movie, I made this necklace which I sell here Posted by Hello

13 May 2005

A necklace I did yesterday while watching a film. (Actually I have made a bracelet too but the picture was too unclear.) I decided to sell it. Posted by Hello

For a chocolate swap. However the camera flash made it impossible to see all details on the atcs. Posted by Hello

10 May 2005

Trying out my new sewing-machine ... I made a little sheep (which is on top of the computer now), a ghost with read glass bead eyes, a green bag with a dog saying "vov" ... and a bracelet for a friend, however I didn't make that one with the sewing-machine ;) As for the bag I was thinking - sell it, keep it, swap it, give it away? But in the end I made a few mistakes so now I have to keep it. The inside is black&gold + the colour of the dog. (Do I have to say I LOVE my sewing-machine!?) Posted by Hello

08 May 2005

Look what I got yesterday! A sewing-machine!!! :D Weiiiiii!!! Posted by Hello

06 May 2005

And here are the other two cakes. Perhaps I'll make someting more on them tomorrow morning, or perhaps not ... :-) Posted by Hello

Finished! Posted by Hello

This evening I have prepared the cakes for my birthday party (tomorrow). This is part one of my version of Black Forest Gateau (I have raspberried and blueberries in it). Posted by Hello

Those are the ones I made. Posted by Hello

And this is what we made. ("click" the picture to see a larger version of it) Posted by Hello

Yesterday my friend Martina and I were beading :-) Aaaall day long!! Posted by Hello