29 September 2006

turtle necklace

Originally uploaded by maria nenita.
I made this necklace a while back, but I never manage to get a good photo of it. I don't know why. Tomorrow I'll try again (it's too dark now). Anyway, I like the idea with this necklace with both a chain and glass beads, and the turtle ;-)

24 September 2006

sakura hat

sakura hat
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Of all hats I've made, this is by far my favourite. And I wont even use it 'cause I'll put it in my shop. *smile*

swedish vintage ...

swedish vintage ..., originally uploaded by maria nenita.

Busy me. Already Sunday again, soon Monday ... *phu*
I'm playing "catch up" with myself, but I loose ;-)

Anyway, two new categories added to my shop Sweet Daisy - paper and accessories. Go check it out ;-)

(This little package for crafting and collage making includes Swedish vintage cards, bits&pieces from 1906-1942.)

card making kit #1

card making kit #1, originally uploaded by maria nenita.

17 September 2006



I think this is one of my favourite bracelets. It's sterling silver, glass beads and hand felted beads with "gold" details. I've added it to the shop, Sweet Daisy. And now I have to go make a necklace or something instead of blogging, Sundays pass by way too fast, don't they?

shop update

shop update, originally uploaded by maria nenita.

I put some of my bath products in the shop. It's, from the top, mint chocolate fizzing bath melt, bath fizz orange and lily of the valley fizzing bath melt. I also added some other products, go to the shop to see ;-)

And the answer to Jes' comment yesterday is Yes, I do ship to the US. I'd ship to the moon, if possible ;-) I haven't had the time and energy (not to mention inspiration *ha ha*) to translate the shop, but now I've translated almost all prices into USD and also many of the texts. Feel free to email me if there are any questions, and PLEASE email me if my english is too strange somewhere in the shop :-) info@sweetdaisy.se is the shop email address.

14 September 2006

*visiting my grandparents*

*visiting my grandparents*, originally uploaded by maria nenita.

Last weekend Magnus and I travelled south to visit my grandparents. The reason for the trip was actually my friend Martina's wedding, close to where my grandparents live.

This is the house where my grandparents and their cat Bonus (who decided - all by himself - to move in there a year and a half ago) live. They have a nice garden next to the forest with flowers, berries, fruits, vegetables ... and more flowers :-)

I have actually been crafting & creating lately, mostly knitting knitting knitting on the train ;-) , but I'm far behind in uploading my photos. Sooner or later ... I'll show you ... and sooner or later I'll catch up in emailing and answering comments. Promise!

02 September 2006

thea+chocolate icecream = true

Today me, mom, my sister, my niece and my old little dog went to a craft fair. I'm too tired to do anything about the photos tonight, but here's at least a photo of my niece Thea. We had icecream and fruits before going to the craft fair and she seams to like it, right? ;-)

01 September 2006

6 am

6 am, originally uploaded by maria nenita.

(As opposite to the night sky.)

I've had a busy week but soon I'll show you some crafts instead. Tomorrow mom and I + perhaps my sister who is visiting at the moment are going to a craft fair which takes place the first weekend in September every year. I'll bring my camera if it's not raining ;-)