30 December 2005

Some lovely things Mafalda made and sent me in the craft swap at purplepinkandorange.com

Two hearts, one with lavender in and one with cloves.

This is what I recieved in the secret santa swap on the soap list. Beautiful and good smelling soaps, tea and candy/chocolate <3 The brown soap to the right is with a dog on it and it smells ... chocolate mousse!! I love it :-)

This is what I sent to San in a secret santa swap in a soap list. It's mostly "soap things", but also a candle, chocolate, cards, tea and christmas stickers.

11 December 2005

Vintage/60s and 70s Swedish Christmas gift tags (stickers) and Christmas stickers. I found them at a thrift store, more than I could ever need, so if anyone is interested I've made some bunches of them that are for sale. 20 SEK (porto inkluderat) or 3 USD (postage included) or something (you suggest) in exchange. There are 18 gift tags and approximately 6 stickers in each bag. The motifs might be a bit different, but very similar to the picture above. This picture was scanned and my scanner takes pictures just a little bigger than A4 size so then you can figure out approximately the size of the tags and stickers :-) If you are interested, email me at info@sweetdaisy.se or leave a comment here (with a way for me to contact you).

04 December 2005

In action

I'm home and I'm sooooo tired. This weekend I've been in Stockholm selling my crafts & soap etc :) It was so much fun, although I really didn't sell so much. I'll tell you more later, but now I really have to sleep.

I'm to the left and AK from imoku.se is to the right.

(Ps Mafalda, if you see this, I had the box you sent me for keeping the money in. Several persons said it looked so nice, and one even asked if it was possible to buy it! - and ofcourse it was not.)