31 May 2007


Tomorrow's my friend's birthday and I made her some earrings.
The photos are quite bad, but, well, here they are ...

27 May 2007

wip again

Last weekend was the baptise of my nephew Lukas and this weekend ... I've just been relaxing ... Or, hm, rather the opposite: I've been working in the garden. However, that is kind of relaxing for me. Just me and my dog at home, everything calm and quite and in our own pace. I have been crafting a bit, but, as before, it's my WIP and I still have no finished results to show you. I was crocheting a bit yesterday evening and today I continued this:

To see photos from my garden, you can go here.

06 May 2007


It's not that I don't do anything, not that I don't craft. It's just ... that I haven't finished anything ... yet. Everything is a WIP (work in progress).

Like this one:

Or this one (we'll grow vegetables):


01 May 2007

Spring weather and book reading

11valborg 073

Spring is in the air, flowers in bloom.

In a book swap I got those wonderful things from my friend Fillan:
from Fillan

And this is what I sent her: