30 June 2005

And here's the third spread in Kari's mini book. Posted by Hello

Goodies from Anke in Germany :D I've already used the strawberry rubberstamps for a letter and made another spread in Kari's mini book with some of the stuff. Posted by Hello

Fillan's blog "GRODA"

My friend Fillan now have a crafty blog in English, go and have a look at it :)

27 June 2005

My second spread in Kari's mini book (I didn't follow the theme on this one). Posted by Hello

My first spread in Kari's mini altered book (on an "artists" theme). My spread is about Anders Zorn, a Swedish painter. Posted by Hello

Now I'm back home after one week of visiting family and friends. I made those two pair of earrings for my friend Lina, it's the first time I make earrings - I've only made necklaces and bracelets before. Posted by Hello

10 June 2005

For a swap (10 cards 10 themes) I made those two atcs, and 8 other. It was the first time I made so many cards but only one of each theme. It was a challenge, but it was fun :-) Posted by Hello

Atc Posted by Hello

I also made this card for Kortkollektivet Posted by Hello

This is a card I made for little Thea. Posted by Hello

The other day I got this wonderful collage from HopePosted by Hello

05 June 2005

And I have to show you my sister's daughter (Thea might be her name) who was born three days ago :-) Posted by Hello

My friend Lina and I had a "crafty day" yesterday and she decorated this photo album for a friend's wedding. Posted by Hello

's a necklace I made. Posted by Hello

My camera has been on vacation for a couple of days, but now it's back. Here Posted by Hello