03 February 2008

A needle felted dog, and a real one

When I saw this book I immediately knew what to answer when Magnus' mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Needle felted dogs, that must be the perfect craft project for me ;-) The more so since it was a miniature schnauzer on the front side, just like my little Ia. But before making a schnauzer I tried making a dog of no specific breed, just to try. This is how it turned out.

And then ... my little Ia died. She was almost 15 years old, but it's still very sad. It's a week ago now.

ia summer 2006

what I've done lately

zam's new blanket

Now I haven't posted for a while. But I have been crafting when I haven't been busy working, visiting the doctor or buying a house ;-) Yesterday I made a new blanket for Zam, you can see more of it here and on Flickr. It's not a very beautiful thing, but he so needed it.

I tried a bit of embroidery. It's not what I'm best at, but it was fun. I haven't finished it yet, it'll be something for Magnus. If I was a clever girl I could give it to him on his birthday this month, but ofcourse I couldn't keep quiet so I told him everything about it ;-) Cross-stitch embroidery isn't really my thing, I thought, but since I'm always keen on trying new things I decided to go for it and I found out that I liked it. It was nice to sit in bed, concentrate and count the stitches to follow the pattern.
One evening when I was tired I also made three atcs. They are no beauties, but I wanted to do something simple with paper without having to think too much.

A week and a half ago I tried making a dotee doll following the instructions by Dot herself. It didn't turn out too pretty ;) . But it was my first try. Maybe I'll do another one, maybe not. When I made it I got the idea to needle felt a doll instead so I made this one:

Here are a few things I've finished lately. One of the purses (this one for Elena):
finished! + tea bag

And the soft soft super super soft scarf for a swap:
winter cozy swap

An acrylic painting:

I also made a necklace (quite a while ago though, but haven't showed you yet). It's for a swap for knitters. You can see what I sent here. My photo is quite bad, but it's a ball of yarn with two needles in.
knitting ... necklace