30 April 2006

Tadaa! The necklace, bracelet and earrings I made for my sister to wear at her wedding (on Saturday).

29 April 2006

I got a job!!

I got a job! A good job, a fulltime job! (Until 31 Dec.) However, it's in Stockholm. It takes me one hour and 37 minutes to get there (if there are no troubles with the bus, the train or the metro ...). And a little longer on my way home. I hope I'll get used to spending so much time travelling every day ... But there's just no time for crafting, and no energy. Maybe later I can knit on the train, but I need something small then because the train is normally full of people ... Having a job is good because I have more money for buying craft related things, but bad because I haven't got so much time to use those things ... *laugh*

This morning I finished this necklace that I've been working on for a week now. It's rather long even if you can't tell by looking at the photo. It's inspired by Marta's lovely necklaces.

24 April 2006

Another necklace

A necklace I made for Hel�n to wear at my sister's wedding.

23 April 2006

Mini journal

From Coops (I'll go looking for the link soon) I got those two handy little books. Both were looking like the one to the right (but the other one was red instead of black) and I decided to decorate them a bit. So, the one to the left is decorated. I've decorated the other one too now, but I have no photo yet.

Cards with hearts ...

The photo isn't good at all (I know I say that often. And yes, I'm planning to buy a new camera), but, um, it's two cards ... with hearts ... They're part of the gift for my sister and her husband 2B.

Crazy Crafting

I've reached a crazy crafting mood again! Finally! However, so little time, so little time ... I've made a couple of necklaces, a door sign and a few more other things. I'll show you. Later.

20 April 2006


Check out the bird nest necklaces over at Ärtan Pärtan (www.artanpartan.se), I really like them since they're both so simple and yet elegant.

19 April 2006

From our new home

Now we have moved ... This is a flower I bought today on my way home from school.
Tonight I'm going to a "craft meeting" with two or three friends and we're going to craft and to fika. I've been baking muffins with lemon and marzipan. They didn't really came out as I had planned, but I know what I want to change if I make them again. They definetely need a bit more lemon. This evening I'm going to begin making a necklace and a bracelet for my sister for her wedding. It's soon ... 6 May. The following day is my birthday, but I'm not going to have a cake party as I had last year :-)

06 April 2006

Package from sweet Francesca in Bologna :-) There are small and very cute beads in the black container but it's hard to see in the photo.

I don't have time for writing anything more because this is what my home looks like today. Tomorrow I will have about the same mess, but in another flat ;)

05 April 2006

Scrap bag

Today I went to Ljunggrens in Stockholm (www.ljunggrenspapper.com), it's a little shop full of high quality paper and everything you need for card making. It's not the most cheap place but everything is oh-so-beautiful :-) At the moment it's their 15-years anniversary and they had many nice offers ... I could resist most of them ... *good girl*. I bought some cards and envelopes etc for my sister's wedding and for myself I bought this "mini scrap bag" with japanese paper. I don't find it so "mini" actually ... there were A LOT of goodies. But since we're moving on Friday there'll be no time for crafting for a while.

01 April 2006


Next week, on Friday, we're going to move (only a change of flat, still in the same town) so I don't create so much. I decorated this journal the other day though, inspired by a feeling I got by reading a novel.

The necklace is made by my friend Martina.

Spring was on its way - finally! - and it was raining for a couple of days, but before all snow was gone ... it begun snowing again. I started to read Joleen's blog because it's so colorful and cheer me up. It's like spring feeling on the internet :)