04 November 2006

~WIP: knitting~

first snowfall After rain come someshine, they say. After a beautiful sunny day comes ... snow, wind, more snow. I was lucky that day to have a headache. Yes, because if I never had that headache I wouldn't have decided to go home earlier from work and if I hadn't gone earlier I woulnd't have gone anywhere at all ... Because of all the snow, wind, ice on the streets all trains, buses etc stopped. And since it normally takes me two hours to get home from work (metro+train+bus) it's really not possible to walk. My coworker, who is also living in the same town as me, had to stay the night in Stockholm (where we work). So, thank you my head for having a headache that day! ;-)

My train did get stuck for a while too, but it was warm and cozy inside and, as always, I carry my knitting in my bag. So, I was knitting, knitting and looking at the white world outside (yes, it was blowing a lot so you couldn't really see more than just ... white). Snowy weather is knitting weather. Here's one of all my works in progress:



Amelia said...

That is some beautiful yarn you have there...nice!

Jes said...

That yarn looks scrumptious!! Oh that snow is making me wish winter would just hold off for a little bit longer!!!