05 November 2006

friendly knitting :-)

knittingMy friend Lina is a teacher of textile handicraft. It's good to have such friends when you get stuck with your knitting, or sewing project, or ... something else textile ;-) Recently she was visiting me and, of course, we were knitting. She made those colorful socks:

Lina's socks


macati said...

the socks are very pretty and I love your pictures... here in Portugal is raining a lot and sometimes sunny... everything is green it seems spring and not the colourful autumn I love... bye, manela

Amelia said...

That is amazing I would love to know the yarn she is using it's beautiful and this is coming from a person who prefers not to use varigated yarns.

maria said...

The yarn is called "Raggi" and comes from "Järbo garn" my friend told me. So I guess it's a Swedish yarn :-)