11 November 2006

to craft in the dark ... ;-)

for grandma It's been raining all day and the sky was so dark (well, now it's evening it's even darker). I think the thing that disturbs me the most when crafting isn't that I want more space but that I need light. There's just too bad light in our flat if it's not a sunny day (and most days aren't sunny and if they are I end up being outside playing with dog Zam instead).

I go to work by bus at 5.40 and then train at 6.10 and metro around 7.00. I use to knit sometimes on the bus, almost always on the metro (if not too crowded) and only for a little while on the train because on the train I use to sleep. But the first 5-10 minutes I sometimes spend knitting and then I like to keep the light off and knit, knit until I'm sleepy enough (knitting is really meditative). I think that's the only time when lack of light when crafting can be good instead of annoying.

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