05 November 2006

home decorating

magogbolig When we moved in here in April we knew we wouldn't be staying here so long so we did no attempt to make it nice like in our last flat. Then I got my job and had no time or energy to make it nice. And then we realised we are allowed to stay here for maybe two years, if we want to, so then it was worth making it nicer after all. During the summer we were told they'd change the floor in all flats here and they'd begin in August. They begun with the house opposite our house and we had no idea of when they'd come to us, but we decided not to do anything about our flat until they've changed the floors since we have to empty all rooms then. Now we know they'll come very soon.

We live in a 1970s flat and it not beautiful at all - too much grey plastic everywhere - but it's nothing we can do about it (we're not allowed to). The walls, doors etc are the way they are (ugly), but I'll do my best to make something nice out of it (and meanwhile I dream of when we have our own place, some time in the future). I read home decorating magazines and my favourites are Danish Mad og bolig and Swedish Drömhem och trädgård (one good thing about speaking swedish is that you can also read and understand magazines from Norway and Denmark). Mad og bolig isn't only about home decorating, but also about food and sometimes crafty things, travels, inspirational interviews etc. Drömhem och trädgård isn't only about home decorating either, but also about a little bit of food and crafting and a lot about gardening. Here's a picture from Drömhem och trädgård:


I'm also inspired by what I see on the internet, sometimes even when it's not about home decorating at all. Camilla Engman's blog is one of those that inspire me by beautiful photos and all the glimpes of her home you get. My friend Fillan just started a blog about her family (she has two cute little boys), decorating, design etc and I think it'll be an inspiring blog too.

cosasljuslykta115trepack Yvestown is another blog you should check out, as well as one of my absolute favorites at the moment Posie gets cozy. Lantliv i stan is a home decorating blog in Swedish, but go check it out even if you don't understand the text - the pictures are really nice. The picture is from a web shop that'll open soon, Cosas, it seems promising, right? (On the picture is "Ljuslykta".)

What inspires you?

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Jes said...

Yes...Yvonne's blog is always chock full of inspiring decor ideas!! xoxox