22 October 2006

what I like, what makes my happy

*To wake up and realise it's Saturday
*To wake up and see sunshine
*To have a long warm shower on a Sunday afternoon
*To sit inside and craft for a whole day, not being stressed by anything
*To recieve letters from my friends
*To read a good book
*To look at beautiful and inspiring photos
*Anything craft related ;-)
*To have a cup of tea and bread that just came out of the oven
*To be with my dogs
*To sit in my sofa with pillows and a blanket and the dogs, some good music, a cup of tea and write letters
*To give and to get small gifts
*When I get up in the morning the day after I have cleaned the flat
*The first snowfall when snow stay on the ground
*The first evening when you can smell spring is coming
*To go to a café and sit and talk with old or new friends
*To see a great movie and be inspired by it
*My Magnus <3

... I could continue this forever I think ;-)

What makes you happy?


Lina said...

I enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing!

By the way, can't you bring some craft project (knitting?) while travelling to work? If you're not drivning that is...

maria said...

I knit and crochet (but I can't knit with too big needles), but most of the time I sleep ;-)

Jes said...

~My dogs make me happy too!
~knitting by the fire (have done that all weekend)
~cooking with my Hubby
~having the day to myself to craft
~going to a good art show
~OH...I'm just a happy person...it really doesn't take much!

maria said...

oh, those things really make me happy too! i don't have a fire, but some other in my family have so like to sit in front of it and knit or read a good book.