07 October 2006

bags, bags, bags

Yesterday I left work a little earlier and went to buy some blue fabric for a project I'm in (it's about sewing a picture for each month of the year and we begun in November so it's close to its end now). But then I also found a cute fabric with tea cups on and since I wanted tea cup fabric (and cup cake + cake fabric, but I haven't seen any yet) since a long time I bought some although I had promised myself not to buy ;-)

I begun making a bag out of it (+ black fabric) yesterday evening and I will continue today. It's just a perfect day for crafting, outside it's raining and I don't have to go anywhere (except for doggie walking).

Those bags on the photos are not made by me (hey, I'm not good at sewing at all, I make a lot of stupid mistakes all the time. But that's how we begin, right?) but by my friend Jenny. She's making wonderful bags that she's selling + other things such as hats and bracelets.

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macati said...

I like both bags... yes, we learn from mistakes, well, I usually do!
bye, manela