01 October 2006

hat for grandma

hat for grandma
Originally uploaded by maria nenita.

During the weeks I think "soon it's weekend then I'll have time for this and that and this and this". I think I'm too optimistic about time and about my own ability, after all I also need time to relax and time to do the laundry, walking the dogs, cooking ... such things. I have some finished and half finished things, some photos but it also takes time to upload to flickr, to blog. I wish it was different and one day I will make it different.

Here's a hat I made for my grandma. The photo doesn't really do it justice. It's a soft & cozy hat, red, a little green and with small white "balls". For me it's a Christmas hat with snow falling ;-) And since my grandma loves Christmas she also loved this hat so I gave it to her. At the moment I'm knitting a scarf that'll go with the hat.


Jes said...

I know I told you on Flickr...that hat is too cute!!

I have troubl;e getting good shots of the jewekry too...but I have to tell you, taking them outside works the best for me! And do you have a MACRO button on your camera? PS...I LOVE that necklace...are you putting it up for sale??

maria said...

thanks :-)
yes, i try to do outside too but lately it's not been good light outside either, unfortunately.
and yes again, the necklace will be for sale. soon :-)