08 October 2006

bird cards

bird cards + envelopes

I love paper with nice structure, paper that feels good to work with, to touch, to look at. I was happy when I found out that a "home decor shop" (I don't know what it's called, hm) had begun selling things for card making and scrapping. I found some great little cards with envelopes and got the idea of making bird cards with those little birds I had at home + aquarelle.

bird cards + envelopes

I like how they came out and I've added them to my shop.

bird cards + envelopes


macati said...

these cards are great! I hope that many people buy them! don't stop! they're too sweet! bye, manela

maria said...

thank you manela! :-)

Jes said...

OH MARIA!!! They are fabulous you crafty-artsy-fartsy girl you!!