13 May 2006

Me & Oskar

Maddi Oskar
Originally uploaded by maria nenita.

For Christmas and for birthday I have asked for money instead of other gifts because I've been sawing for a camera, a digital camera that I've wanted to buy for so long ... And now, finally, I had the money ... And I've bought the camera and will have it here towards the end of next week, I think. Wooohooo! So, I decided to create a flickr account (and I did). This is my first try at posting a blog entry from flickr! The photo is of me (some years ago ;) ) and our dog Oskar.


consonus said...

Ligger lillasyster i vagnen tro?

(Hm, är njolk ett riktigt ord? Det låter lite så. Det kom upp nu som word verification nämligen.)

maria said...

det ligger säkert en liten syster i vagnen :-)

njolk ... det låter lite samiskt i mina osamiska öron.