14 May 2006


I've catched a cold and it's so boring because there were so many things I wanted to do, and had to do, this weekend. And I'm just tired ... But I've been playing a little with flickr (I'm new in the flickr world ;) ) and here are some pictures that make me happy :-)

But now ... a little contest for you. Answer those two questions and I'll send one of you a little secret gift.
1. What makes you happy? Small things in daily life that make you smile ...
2. What would you like to see (more of) in my blog? It can be something that's already here or it can be something new.

So, come on! Comment, comment! *smile*


Regina said...

I am also new to Flickr and love it! You have a very nice blog and I am answering the questions for the "secret gift"!
What makes me happy?...When my husband brings me a cup of coffee at 5:15 in the morning and kisses me before he goes to work. My daughter learning to read in Swedish and discovering that she really can read words that are not in her school book!
I would like to see more of your crafts! I love the door sign!

Hanna said...

Just ja, du frågade efter flickr toys. Här är de:


Den jag använt är mosaic Maker.

Svar på frågorna:
1. det som gör mig glad just nu är min katt, fast det märks väl på min blog antar jag. hon ligger i mitt knä medan jag sitter vid datorn och huvudet hänger ner på ena sidan av mitt ben och benen på andra sidan. Så himla mysigt.

2. Jag vill gärna se mer bilder av ditt pyssel, gärna collage och tyg i närbild! :-) Du gör fina saker.

ha det så bra!

Storme said...

Now that you're getting a new camera I would be interested in seeing more every day photos of your life in Sweden (maybe while you're riding the train you can take some shots to keep you feeling creative)
And there are so many little things that make me happy...but one would be walking around tonight in just a t-shirt and feeling the warmth from the hot day still radiating in the air.

Maggie Ann said...

Just surfing around, and stopping to say hello. What makes me happy?...hmmm, actually getting things accomplished during the day that I need to and something that I wanted to do for fun like needlework.