20 May 2006

Magnus magical journey

Look what I recieved in the post the other day! "Magnus magical journey", a round robin in ABEurope that I took part in a while ago. All participants had an empty video film box and developed a character that was about to travel somewhere. All the other participants in this round robin developed the story by writing in the diary (that was included in the box from the beginning) and writing letters (supposed to be letters that the main charachter either sent or/and recieved), sometimes even including small things. I started a story about Magnus (loosely based upon my bf *tihi*), a man in his early 30s who travels around the world to learn about magic. His got a passport and a diary and he keeps writing letters to his girlfriend Maddi (loosely based on ... me!) and his dog Hunden (loosely based on Ia) who is a talking dog ;). Anyway, this box came back to me the other day and it's such a treasure box! Full of colorful letters and cards and booklets and things. Everyone did a great job and especially I want to say thank you to Elizabeth who did a great job in the end and also sent the box back to me together with some goodies. Thank you! And thank you all of you who participated in this RR (and this journey ;) ).


Anart Island said...

Hi dear Maria!!
I am so glad that your travelling box came home in the end! I thought it is very sad that it was lost...but its good to hear about the return now....;-)

BTW: I like your blog and come by now and then...!!



Lina said...

What an amazing project!