30 December 2006

spinning ;-)

I'm learning how to spin!I'm learning how to spin with a drop spindle. It sure takes some time since I have to learn from books, but after practicing a bit I think I'm doing it the right way now. I want the finished yarn to be a bulky thick and thin one, however not as much difference between thick and thin as you can see here ... But I guess it's just to keep on practicing, practicing :-) And it's really fun. I'm working with gotlandsull, wool from Gotland sheep, and it's not the most clean and smooth one (I find small sticks and straw in it). It's quite easy to work with, I think, but the result isn't the smoothest, softest yarn to be found. Now I want to go and buy wool/fibers in different qualities to learn more about spinning, but it has to wait as the place I want to go to, Åddebo ull isn't really nextdoors.
My first attempt ...

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