16 December 2006

some work in progress

29 november last yearThis photo was taken in the November last year, but yet we haven't seen any snow since 1 November. Today we do have colder weather, this morning there was, for the first time, a little ice (however thin) on the puddles on the streets. They said it'll be warm again, but today I enjoy the colder weather and the beautiful sunshine. I'm about to bake saffron-marcipan muffins, this evening Zam (the dog) and I are going to meet some of my friends at a friend's house and have dinner and I'll bring the dessert, the muffins (served a bit warm) with vanilla icecream. It feels like a Christmas-y dessert.

Earlier this week I bought some new beads, I'll make a necklace which will be a Christmas gift. Here you can see part of the work in progress (the beads I bought are, as you see, not in the photo) ...

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