10 December 2006

december feels like neverending november

Fyris river, UppsalaIt's warm. I don't need my mittens, my hat or my scarf. It's December but we haven't had snow since 1 November. It hasn't been below 0 degrees Celcius one single time since then. I get up at 4.50 every morning (and when talking about that, I wont be unemployed by January as I said before, I'll stay at my job at least until 31 March) and it's not cold. But it's dark, all the time dark dark dark. Today, Sunday, we had some sunshine and finally - with the help of all lamps in my living room - I could get some acceptable photos of necklaces that I've made quite long ago. I'll show them soon. The problem with the warm weather is that it doesn't feel like Christmas, or December, at all. I try but ... no.
my door

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