28 December 2006

knitting, knitting

scarfEarly mornings on the bus and train ... I knitted this scarf for my mom as a Christmas gift. It's not perfect in any way as knitting at 5.40 in the morning on a bus isn't really what I'm best at, but I still like it because of the wonderful yarn (mohair lux). I added some glass beads to the scarf. Actually I have one more scarf to finish, it's for my grandma's birthday which was just before Christmas. But I wont meet her until next week, so I still have some time to knit ;-) Oh, and I almost forgot that I'm also knitting a scarf for Magnus, a thick soft one in black and purple. It was the last craft project before Christmas and I didn't finish it since I fell asleep on the train every morning and afternoon and I could not, of course, knit at home 'cause then it'd be no suprise. So, I wrapped the half-knitted scarf and promised him the other half as well ;-) But I guess there's no need to hurry, it's not very cold outside at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Hej, vilken fin sjal, stickade själv en sjal i samma garn och färg, fast inte riktigt samma modell för några dagar sedan.
/Maria G (Åland)

ornamentea said...

That is gorgeous. I love those subtle colors.

maria said...

Åh, hej Maria! Har du någon bild av sjalen du stickade? *nyfiken*

ornamentea> thank you!