04 October 2005

Mini book

My altered mini book is back home!

Mikas Dream Frequency.

Laurina's spread

Laurina's second spread

Kari's spread

Deepa's spread.


Tania said...

Great! Does it mean that every person made their own spread and then returned the book to you?

(This is Tania from Moscow - I've receved your answer to my poscard today. Thank you!)

maria said...

yes, we made one book each and then everyone decorated one (or two) spreads in each others books before returning the books to their owners :-)

tania said...

what's the name of your book?
I'd love to make something like that...
does the idea belong to you or to some of your friends or is it common to make books like that?

Fillan said...

Fint! Som alltid =)

maria said...

Tania> it's called "altered book". there are several altered book groups with round robins etc at yahoo.com (yahoo groups) that you can check out. you can learn more here: http://www.lisavollrath.com/

Camilla Engman said...

Det ser ut att vara jättefint!