19 October 2005


A while ago I signed up for Blogging by Mail 2 over at Samantha's. I sent my package to Italy and I was to recieve a package from Hawaii (from Reid). The Hawaii package seemed to be somewhat interested in travelling and even retured to Honolulu before it decided to go to Sweden. Well, it was well worth waiting for because it's such an awesome package. I feel really spoilt. So many hawaiian treets.

There was Hawaiian flavored tea, three different flavors of which I tasted "Malama" yesterday. (So intense in smell and taste and I can hardly wait to taste the other teabags.) There was Passion Fruit Butter which reminded me a bit of homemade lemon curd (however a bit more fluffy) with a passion fruit taste instead of lemon. There was macadamia nuts covered in rich dark chocolate (aaaaaw). There was Maebo's One-Ton Chips. I've already eaten half of them *hrm hrm*. They reminded me a little bit, but not fully, of the "sombrero 'chips/hats'" you can find here. And there were those lovely cookies with the most detailed square pattern. I love them. Well, I love the whole package. Thank you Reid, you really made my day. And the day after. And perhaps the whole week :-)


Reid said...

Hi Maria,

I'm glad you finally got the package! I hope you like it all!

Fillan said...

Åh, vilket paket du har fått.