08 April 2007

spring is coming, is here


I really like it here in our new place. It's so close to Stockholm (not more than 20 minutes by bus), but still out in the nature, surrounded by trees and water. I have spring in "our" gardenbeen knitting a bit, crocheting and I've made some cards. But I can't remember where I saved those photos.

Spring is here, however they say cold weather will come tomorrow ... :( But next weekend, it'll be even more sunny and warm than it's been lately! I hope they're right.

I have created a blog which is about enjoying the small things in my every day life. You can visit it here.

My little nephew, Lukas.


Jes said...

Hi Maria Dear!!! I have missed you! We both have been crazy-busy this year heaven't we??

Your new nephew is adorable!

I like your new blog (even though I can't read it)...all of the photos are quite beautiful!!

I'm glad you like your new home, it sounds lovely!!!

Keep in touch!

maria said...

Oh, sweet Jes! It's definetely been a busy time. ...
Gah! I'm too tired tonight to write, I spelled wrong all the time and had to delete, write, delete ... well, I'll leave it here ;-) Let's talk another day :-)