15 April 2007

like a summer day

i loooove this

It's been a wonderful weekend with summer temperatures, sunshine, flowers in bloom, long walks in the forest and by the water ... Not so much crafting, not any organizing in the house at all ... but who cares ... I'm crocheting a bit and I washed some fabric that I'll turn into a baby blanket, but when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, I prefer being outside, in the garden, working, photographing, being lazy.

Here's a frog I met today:

He, or she, doesn't live in our garden. But in our garden we have birds and butterflies and quite often two deers are visiting us.


macati said...

this frog looks very nice... got some with one too. can you take pictures of the deers? how lucky you are!

maria said...

i hope i'll manage to take pictures of the deers one day, but so far i've never had the camera with me OR i've had my dog with me and turned the other way around when i saw them so that he wouldn't see and scare them.