22 April 2007



Yesterday evening I sat down and made some atcs (since I had, earlier that day, found alphabetstamps and wanted to try them in some way). Earlier (before my time on flickr) I used to make a lot of atcs, but now I haven't made any for a very very long time. It seems I've lost it a bit ... lost my ability ... or how to say. But if I keep doing some more, I'm sure it'll come back. In any case, I had a good time making those.

I wasn't sure what would be the best, to scan them or to use my camera. In the scanner some shimmering and subtile effects of the paper and stamps was lost or almost lost. I tried to capture that on a photo instead. But ... the scanned atcs look more bright and happy, I think. Which one do you prefer, scanned och photographed?

photographing vs scanning

photographing vs scanning


lingon said...

on my computer screen, the photos seem to have deeper colors than the scanned pictures... I like the photos most!

very cute cards! especially the little cat... :-)

macati said...

photos, definitely, photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Fotona. Bättre djup i färgerna hos mig med... /Fillan

Emily said...

These are great! I love the polka dotted one with the dog.