11 February 2007


It was winter 2003 and I shared a flat in Reykjavík with an italian and a french girl. I studied Icelandic and literature at the university (Háskóli Íslands) and during the weekends we rented cars and went to see the amazing Icelandic nature. It's already four years ago. I made new friends there from all over the world, some of which I've lost and some of which I'm still close with. I took a lot of photos and yesterday I decided to scan some of them. The quality isn't the best after scanning with my scanner, but here are some winter days in and outside Reykjavík.

I was crafting when I was there. I couldn't bring any stuff for crafting, but close to where I live was a paper shop where I bought scissors, glue and some paper so that I could make birthday cards. I used to sit on the floor in my room, listen to music and have a cup of tea and make my cards. What I did the most, however, was to knit. It was in Iceland my passion of knitting begun ;-) Not that I had never knitted before, but it was in Reykjavík I fell in love with all the wool yarn they had. I even went to the Álafoss factory & outlet, though I didn't bring much home since I already had too much to carry and Icelandic yarn can be found in the shops in Sweden as well. I remember I knitted a scarf and a number of hats. But the best thing was the "knitting café" on Monday evenings when I met some women from Iceland and other parts of the world (most of them were in Iceland because they had married an Icelandic man or because of their job). I was the youngest. We were there to learn how to knit a lopapeysa (you can see some here and here), there were one or two Icelandic women there to help us out.
Here I am (+ a friend), knitting at the café. The last Monday we met we had been baking cakes and cookies that we brought, that was a sweet buffé I can tell you ;-) (Now when I think of it, it seems a bit strange to bring cakes to a café, but well, we did.) Anyway, there's nothing I can be so nostalgic about as my time in Iceland.


e said...

Härliga bilder... nu längtar jag också dit igen!

Min stickningspassion väcktes också på Island, det måste vara något visst med islandströjor. Fast något stickcafé kände jag inte till... antingen missade jag det eller så fanns det inte då.

Lina said...

Åh, vad fint det ser ut! Har alltid velat åka till Island, nu vill jag ännu mer :)

(hur är nattlivet i Reykjavik? man har hört en del...)

maria said...

ja det är något visst med island och stickning :-)

nattlivet är livat men känns ändå tryggt (trots att många är stupfulla), allt ligger inom nära gångavstånd så det är lätt att gå från ställe till ställe, de flesta går inte ut förrän väldigt sent (innan 23 händer inte mycket) men man kan i gengäld hålla på till morgonen.