24 February 2007

good or not

There's no secret I love crafting, creating, making things. Like many other crafters I also like giving away some of the things I make. And I think I'm not the only one asking myself questions like "is it good?", "is it good enough?", "do I think it's cute just because it took me so long making it, or because it is cute?" etc. I don't ask that for every single thing I make, no no, and for the things I make for myself I don't even care whether it's good or nice or ... quite ugly, as long as I'm happy with it. The problem comes when I'm about to give someone something I've made.

Not everything I make is nice, or beautiful, or good, or cute. That's a fact, and it's not so strange. Some things does turn out better than other. Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes an idea seemed much better in my thoughts than in reality. However, sometimes it takes time to judge your own things, like you have to put it away for ... a year? at least! Sometimes I ask Magnus, but to be honest he isn't the best to judge either. I tend to appreciate handmade things - to recieve too - so much that I sometimes wonder whether I like them not only because I find them beautiful, but much because I know how much work and time there is behind them. WIPWhen giving away something I want it to be something ... nice. Of course. But sometimes it's hard to tell whether the thing I just made is cute, or it just seems so to me but when I think of it I made something similar when I was ten and I didn't like it then but my grandparents did because I was ten and not ... almost 27.
I do know that some things I make are appreciated gifts by some people. Still, I'm sometimes afraid of giving away something I made. Afraid that they wont like it and either put it away where no one can see it or use it just to be nice to me. I can't blame them, not everyone loves handmade stuff, but sometimes I'd like to know will this little creature or this necklace be happy in its new home?. (Otherwise perhaps it could stay here with me.) If I put a lot of time and love and money in making something for someone, then I don't want them to hide it in their deepest wardrobe.
I guess the solution is to give things to people I know will appreciate it (but how will I know that?) and to give away only my best things (but then, again, how can I tell?). I'm sure I'm not the only one struggling with this from time to time, or are you all confident with everything you make, and that the ones you give it to will love it? Then, please, tell me the secret ;-)


macati said...

what I usually do is pay attention during the whole year to what they say or do. sometimes they say what they need or sometimes there are things that look very old but they don't notice that they need a change (money purse, handbag, keyhanger) those everyday items are always useful!!!
bye and good luck ;)

Lisa said...

I always, always worry when I give something away. I also worry even if I sell something. I worry that it won't be what they expected from the picture. When I give things away I worry that it won't seem personal enough or that, like you said, I love it because I know what went into it but that it's not really that cute or nice.

Sometimes it helps to know others have these worries. Especially when I look at the things you make and know how cute they are. :)

abby said...

You're definitely not the only one. I am about to open my own little etsy store and am *terrified* that people will either look and say "oh wow, that's horrid" or Worse - they'll actually buy, get whatever they bought and hate it. I just made a bunny and wonder if he'll be happy where he goes, If he moves on - or if he'll end up in a thrift store somewhere for 50 cents. Your little crochet guy is adorable!

SideShow Surfer said...

Skulle förmoda att det ligger en hel del arbete bakom dessa även om jag nu inte är förkovrad i denna konst som det nu ser ut att vara!?.