19 October 2007

a little bit of Christmas

i made this one

Yes, I've been a lazy blogger lately. Since I begun my new job (1 Oct) I've been rather tired during the evenings (because of the pregnancy too), but I have been crafting from time to time ... just lazy with photographing it and blogging about it. Also, many things I make are secrets. It's for swaps and it's gifts and it's for Christmas. There's really not so much I can show yet.

So today I'll show you something old that I made many years ago (2000 I think) to decorate our front door. I got the inspiration from a magazine and when I found a tree in the forest that had fallen down after a windy night I cut off some of the branches in the tree top. I think it's quite pretty.

I know it's only October and the leaves on the trees outside are yellow ... but I'm dreaming of Christmas ;-)

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