22 September 2007

A little Stash tea swap, anyone?

stash tea

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Where I live - in Sweden - Stash tea is nowhere to be found (if I'm wrong, please tell me where to find it!). And today I had my last teabag of Stash's "Sushi bar mild green tea". This tea is the only thing that helps when my tummy is "problematic" and I sooo want some more tea bags.

My number one wish is for some teabags with Sushi bar mild green tea.
Except for that, I'm very fond of all the chai teas.
And I'm always eager to try some new teas, like:

Ginger peach green
Goji berry green tea
India kashmiri chai or India darjeeling green
Mangosteen green with matcha
Maybe one of the organic green ones
Pomegranate raspberry green

The Christmas teas, or holiday ones

Herbal teas are okay as long as there's no hibiscus in them. However, hibiscus seems to be a rather common thing to put in herbal teas :/

I like surprises too. But NO DECAF-teas (exception for natural decaf ones).

(I'm not asking for whole packages of tea, just some tea bags.)

What do you want in return? I can send you tea, too. Or if you want something else, like crafting material, postcards, something sweet ... or something else. Just tell me :-)

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Susanne said...

Stick iväg och köp en muffins direkt! :-)

Din blogg är superfin!

Anonymous said...

kan du beställa stash-te. (Det står att man ska kontakta dem för leverans utanför UK.) :)

purplepinkandorange said...

i'd love to swap some tea for some chocolate or other candy! It's been awhile, I hope you're doing well. :)

maria said...

I'd love to swap with you!

Dr.Gray said...

Come on Im sure you can find a better tea to swap than stash.