08 July 2006

~melting brain ...

I complained about the extremely long and cold winter, I know I know ... but still, now when summer is here it's too hot and ... and I complain a bit again ;) It wouldn't be that bad if it would be a nice temperature inside, but unfortunately our flat is even more hot than being in the shadow outside. I sit in the shadow on the balcony, create - paint, collage, knit - but the weather gives me headache. I'd like to have a little house by the sea with fresh air blowing in. And to be honest, it's not the heat itself that's so bad, it's the construction of our house that makes our flat so terrible to be in at the moment.

Enough complaining for a while *lol*. When travelling to work and home I use to either sleep (mostly in the morning), read or sometimes write. But lately I've been knitting and crocheting. I'll soon show you what I've made. Okay, it's hats. I have to learn to make something else than hats ;)

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