23 July 2006

Another way to felt beads

Normally when felting beads I do it with water, some kind of soap and my hands. However, my skin doesn't really like wet wool and after just a few it hurts so much I'm ready to cut my arms off ... almost. I don't have a needle for needle felting (but be sure I'll have one before the end of the year, I'm very curious to try it) so I tried a new technique to felt beads.

felt beads

felt beads 1

#2 Then I made small balls:
felt beads 2

#3 And put them like this:
felt beads 3

#4 Time for washing:
felt beads 4

#5 This is how they came out. Some are really pretty and some ... are ... hrm ... not so good. But it's my first try and I'm happy about it, with some experience I might know how to make all of them round ;-)
felt beads 5

#6 Final part, time for decorating!
felt beads 6

(And they can be used for so many things, not only jewelry. I can see them in altered books, bookmarks ... even as Christmas decorations!)

Have you seen Én Gry & Sif and all their wonderful felted accessories?

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Jes said...

ooh lala...I think I may have that one???