06 June 2006

Necklaces for trade

I have so many necklaces. I get new ideas, I make more ... and more ... Most of them I never use because sometimes I want to try out new ideas that aren't really my style. Funny to make, sure, but it'd be better if someone used them. Perhaps some of you have the same "problem" with having too many necklaces laying around? So, what about a trade? One necklace for one necklace. (Or something else.)
#4 is 37 cm so it's not a big one ;)
#3 is 63 cm
#2 is 49 cm

Post a comment here or email me at nenitas@spray.se if you're interested.

Follow the photos links to flickr to see the necklaces more in detail.


Fillan said...

Jag vill byta femman...

maria said...

ok! :-)