29 April 2006

I got a job!!

I got a job! A good job, a fulltime job! (Until 31 Dec.) However, it's in Stockholm. It takes me one hour and 37 minutes to get there (if there are no troubles with the bus, the train or the metro ...). And a little longer on my way home. I hope I'll get used to spending so much time travelling every day ... But there's just no time for crafting, and no energy. Maybe later I can knit on the train, but I need something small then because the train is normally full of people ... Having a job is good because I have more money for buying craft related things, but bad because I haven't got so much time to use those things ... *laugh*

This morning I finished this necklace that I've been working on for a week now. It's rather long even if you can't tell by looking at the photo. It's inspired by Marta's lovely necklaces.


Sioux said...

I love your blog...your necklace is lovely, too!

Lina said...

Love that necklace! Are those grey felt flowers?
You've combined the different sizes and colours of the beads in a great way, and the photo is lovely too.

Oh, and congratulations for the job!

maria said...

thank you, both of you! :-)

lina> i cut them out from green/grey felt (= i haven't felted them myself)