11 December 2005

Vintage/60s and 70s Swedish Christmas gift tags (stickers) and Christmas stickers. I found them at a thrift store, more than I could ever need, so if anyone is interested I've made some bunches of them that are for sale. 20 SEK (porto inkluderat) or 3 USD (postage included) or something (you suggest) in exchange. There are 18 gift tags and approximately 6 stickers in each bag. The motifs might be a bit different, but very similar to the picture above. This picture was scanned and my scanner takes pictures just a little bigger than A4 size so then you can figure out approximately the size of the tags and stickers :-) If you are interested, email me at info@sweetdaisy.se or leave a comment here (with a way for me to contact you).


sonic said...

Hi Maria!
I'm almost ready with my box... and I have published on my blog a picture of Zam... : )) Francesca

Stephanie said...

Hello! I do! I do! I want to trade - or if you prefer I can send you $3 dollars for some of these cool tags (do you still have any left over?) Let me know - you can email me tifty(at)cox(dot)net