04 December 2005

In action

I'm home and I'm sooooo tired. This weekend I've been in Stockholm selling my crafts & soap etc :) It was so much fun, although I really didn't sell so much. I'll tell you more later, but now I really have to sleep.

I'm to the left and AK from imoku.se is to the right.

(Ps Mafalda, if you see this, I had the box you sent me for keeping the money in. Several persons said it looked so nice, and one even asked if it was possible to buy it! - and ofcourse it was not.)


Fillan said...

Åh, dina tvålar ser så supervillhaiga ut när du packat dem så snyggt. Vill haaaa!

lingon said...

fin bild! :)

Carin said...

hos mig kan du hitta nåt du saknat ;o)

Mafalda said...

Uauuuu! I got almost blind with all this sweedish!

I'm soooo glad you liked the things I've sent! And the box turned out allright didn't it? :) I'm sad that it didn't get full of money in the fair... Better times will come, right?
Bye, bye!

amy r. said...

i see you!

That is a cute box!

Jes said...

Hi Maria! I have not forgotten about craft challenge!!

AFTER CHRISTMAS I will try to get my butt moving!