18 September 2005

A dog picture? Why? Isn't Maria crafting this weekend?
Well, yes, I am. I've made something for Fillan, and I'm making something for Hope. But I cannot show it yet ... All I can say is that both things are soft ... And so is Zam who took a nap with Magnus yesterday when I was trying to understand our new printer. The old printer-scanner-etc committed suicide yesterday, but then he was indeed rather old and had stopped scanning in a good way over a year ago. So, yesterday we bought a new one :-) Posted by Picasa


Challe said...

Kul med nytt :) Förresten, vart slänger man gammalt dataskrot av diverse typer? Någon aning?

the knitrider said...

your dog is soo cute! i really like the green hat you made!

maria said...

thank you! :-)

Challe, jag har tyvärr ingen aning om var man slänger det. Antagligen bör man åka till en sådan där soptipp med återvinning av div slag.