23 April 2005

birthday cakes

In Sweden the normal birthday seems to include one cake, or, if many guests, more cakes but of one kind. However, when I studied in Iceland, I saw they use to have several different cakes ...

So, last year, I made three cakes. One with a lot of chocolate and chocolate mousse with chili, one fruity and creamy, one with white chocolate and blueberries. My birthday is 7 May and that day last year all the about 20 cherry trees outside my flat were in bloom and it was sunny and about 20 degrees. Ah! :) This year, spring is late ... And I have moved to a better flat, however without cherry trees outside.

I decided to have a birthday cake party once more and today I was planning what to make. Normally when I do crafty stuff (except for beading) I sit on the floor and so I did when planning the cakes too. But this time my dogs seemed to find it interesting (did they know I was thinking of eatable stuff!? lol) so they came to join me. It's Ia (to the left in the picture) and Zam.

I came up with several cake ideas and at the moment I'm baking my version of Black Forest Gâteau. It smells sooo good! After May 7th I'll upload pictures of the results! ;)


Challe said...

Hm... Du ska väl inte spara tårtorna du gör nu till den 7 maj?!?

Hur som helst låter det väldigt smarrigt! :)

maria said...

Jo, jag gör bottnarna nu och stoppar dem i frysen. Fyllningar och liknande gör jag 6 maj :)

challe said...

okej, då förstår jag. Det underlättar säkert en hel del, att slippa göra allt på en gång.