06 January 2008

Creative the first week of 2008

wip + zam

Yes, I think I have been creative every day so far. In one or another way, at least. I've been baking. I took some photos (on my Flickr or my other blog). And I've been knitting a little bit almost every day. Above you see a mitten for my niece. It might be too small, but I haven't met her for several months so I cannot remember the size of her hands. If that's the case her little brother can perhaps have them. Here are some other works in progress:

cd covers

I made some simple covers for cds in a kind of cd swap/trade. I used paper that I folded, some pictures from a magazine, glue and my sewing machine. Very easy.

wip + zam

No, it's not for Zam. But he was the only photo model I could find in my bed room ... I'll make another one soon.

wip + zam

This will be a sock.

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