12 December 2007

it's all about knitting

... and I planned so many things to write about, but I'm too tired so I'll only show you some pictures without the text.

Works in progress.

Aren't those needles adorable? They're handmade by a girl in Australia. I'll show you more, later, of what I've recieved from her.

This is the last gift from my secret friend and I loved it as much as the other ones I have recieved from her. The yarn is so soft, blue. I also got chocolate (we've already eaten it ;-)). I'll knit this for myself, (as well as the socks), after all the Christmas-gift-knitting is over.

Now I'm really too tired to write. Here's one reason:
sista dagen v 25

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Jes said...


I was just stopping by to say THNAKYOU ever so much for the wonderful surprise you sent!!!! It certainly boosted my spirits this season! How thoughtful of you Dear Maria! THANKYOU~THANKYOU~THANKYOU!!!

(I love the necklace!!)

SOOOO....a BIG (LOL) congrats dear friend!! How far along are you? Do you know what you are having yet?? I need details! Give me a shout and fill me in!