24 November 2007

a little bit of everything

I want to learn how to knit socks, I told myself. I found a yarn that I really like, I was looking around for an easy pattern and ... I told myself to wait a little. I don't know why, but I'm glad I did. Because look what my secret pal sent me! EXACTLY that yarn I wanted to buy, needles and also a great tutorial on how to knit socks (not in the photo though). It was just the perfect gift. THANK YOU!


Yesterday it was raining all day. When I got up this morning it was eight degrees colder than yesterday and now the sun is shining in our frozen garden. It'll be a great day, I'm sure.

I'm thinking of houses. I'd love to live in a somewhat bigger house, a house that is ours and not rented. It wont happen now. Until that day I enjoy other kind of houses, like those adorable houses on a hill and sew nancy also has houses on her mind.

I made this dog, inspired by the dogs in the Tilde book, for my friend's new born baby.

A crafty projekt (in Swedish).


Celi said...

Jättesöt hund! Vad duktig du är!


Storme said...

you must be having the same weather as us -- I've been taking photos of all the frosty leaves too!

Anonymous said...

Jag har skrivit om barnarbetet som HM utnyttjar och manar till bojkott. Du skulle göra mig evigt tacksam om du uppmärksammade det här. Blev så himla arg och ledsen när jag läste att de inte ens tänker göra något åt det!



Jes said...

HI STRANGER!!!! Just coming over to say hello, as I've been horrible about visiting my bloggy friends lately! I can't seem to find enough time in a day!

I LOVE the new necklace you made, and I am REALLY loving all of your fabu yarn purchases! WOW! I have not even picked up my knitting needles this season! (how sad I know!)

THANKS for the lovely mention! It was such a nice surprise!!!