14 January 2007

some good news in the new year

It's a new year and already so many things have happened. It's 14 Jan and more things have happened than in 2006!!! Luckily, good things :-)

The year begun very calm with me, Magnus, dogs, my friend Coraline and mom having a new year dinner. 3 January Magnus went for a job interview, 4 Jan for a second one (for the same job) while I went to the south to visit my family and friends for a couple of days. The following day Magnus called and said he got the job! This is really big news for us, good news :-) He's been working as an editor (freelancing) for many years, it's really really hard to find an employment in that field in Sweden. And now he got one! And not only did he get one, just after they called from another job and wants to meet him for an interview.

Well, his new job is in Stockholm where I already work so we see no reason to stay in Uppsala and travel every day the both of us (the way I do now). However, finding a nice place to rent in Stockholm is not easy. But, believe it or not, we found a little house by the water and the forest, still it takes only 20 minutes by bus on the high way to central Stockholm! I can hardly believe it ... The house is small but sooo nice inside, it's super ugly on the outside but, hey, it's the inside we live in, not the outside ;-) We'll have it from 1 March.

Then we only had one problem. The days for Zam (dog) to be at home alone would be too long so we needed some place where he could be during the day, some place nice and calm where he'd be taking care of etc. And I found one!! We'll leave him there in the morning on our way to work, and pick him up in the afternoon on our way home. It seemed really nice and cozy there and I so hope he'll like it.

Well, the job and house and everything happened in only one week!! It's sooo great, but I feel my head is exploding by too much thinking ;-)

Here we are haveing lunch at a crêperie in Stockholm, celebrating the house.
eating out


Frivolitea said...

Congratulations on the job and finding a place to live in Stockholm. It is so interesting for me to read about your life in Sweden.

Elizabeth said...

I am so pleased for you both, and wish you much happiness in your new home and great luck to Magnus in his job. Have you got any snow yet? It's snowing a little near Edinburgh but it's not lasting.

Jes said...

HURRAY, HURRAY my sweet friend!! I was wondering where you'd been at, but now I see you've been busy with real life!!

I will be sending you a package soon, so make sure if there is a change of addy you email!! (like next week)

Tell Magnus a big fat congrats from Sweetpea!!