21 March 2006


This weekend Magnus and I went to Lübeck, Germany, since I had found a cheap trip and we wanted to relax a bit.
I did see one or two craft material shops there, but unfortunately (or luckily - for my economy) they were both closed when we passed by.
There was also a puppet theatre museum in one of the old houses and we stopped for a little while in the museum shop to look at the puppets that were for sale. So beautiful and inspiring. I think I'll try to make one myself one day.

Except for the puppet museum, Lübeck is famous for "crafting" in marzipan. They make amazing fruits and animals and ... "statues" etc out of marzipan. It's hard to eat something that's looking too nice ... ;) So we went to a café to have marzipan cake!

In a book shop I found the most beautiful journals and I fell in love ... So nice design, so good binding, so nice and high quality of paper ... aaah! I bought one with an interesting binding and a chinese painting and blank pages. It'll be a book for drawing etc. I bought another, smaller, one which is lizard green and almost magic in its colors, pattern and design. The photo doesn't do it justice.


Mafalda said...

Hello Maria!
I received your letter yesterday, thank you! :)
It felt so good; I loooove ♥ long letters. I'll be writting a letter(and posting it) to you this same week.
Until then!

Bittan said...

Hej !
Tack för besöket på min & Molles sida !Du är duktig på engelska *djupt imponerad* Min skol engelska är låååångt borta känns det som....
Ha det så gott i vårsolen /Bittan

decor8 said...

I love Lubeck...so nice of you to share your trip!