05 February 2006

Sweet Daisy

My new webshop is now open! www.sweetdaisy.se

I wanted an opening with a lot of nice handmade things, everything working perfect ... etc ... and weeks went into months and I realised it's better to open the shop even if I'm not really satisfied yet because me knowing people are looking at the things might make me work faster *lol*

There aren't translations into English everywhere yet ... and also I will add prices in USD. But if you have any questions you can always email me at my webshop address: info@sweetdaisy.se

Oh, and there's a kind of lottery going on in the shop as well, with a secret handmade gift! Check it out ;)

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Amanda said...

Hey Maria, I have lost your email :/ Sorry we are playing blog tag..haha here is my email at work
try it.

Let me know. :))