25 August 2005

this is effie

maria: effie, say hello to the world!
effie: but i cannot see, i have no eyes!
maria: oops!

nevermind ...
I haven't been crafting that much lately, being busy with school stuff and all .... But here's Effie. I'm really not good at crocheting, but I try and try and perhaps one day I'll be :-)
The tomatoes are from my balcony and taste DELICIOUS! ;-) Posted by Picasa


Fillan said...

Men vad är effie för något? Katt eller?

maria said...

ja det kan man verkligen fråga sig. det skulle blivit en mössa, var det tänkt ... hrm ... men det blev en effie ... (intesåbrapåattvirka,nä)

Jes said...

AWWW...too cute! I wish I could crochet!

Tomatoes look YUM!